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Savour Delicious Greek Food In Central London

Looking for a top seafood restaurant with a fresh fishbar?

Santorini Restaurant brings you a taste of sunkissed Greece right here in London. Our carefully curated menu brings you the best of traditional Greek and Cypriot cuisine. Whether you’re busy working in central London or visiting the city, we provide a warm welcome at our restaurant in W2.

You can either dine in or have a take-away, with all seafood fresh and meticulously prepared. We love giving you a unique dining experience, helping you relax even during the busiest day in the capital.

Our Greek and Cyptriot food includes starters, mains and desserts, with all kinds of Mediterranean delicacies to choose from.

You can start off your meal with delights like Maldon rock oysters, grilled octopus and steamed mussels. Then move onto classic mains such as monkfish souvlaki, red mullet, sea bass lemonato and grilled sea bass.

Our fresh, homemade desserts include Baklava with ice cream and Ekmek Kataifi: a traditional, popular Greek dessert made with a special bread base soaked in syrup and the top layer is made of custard cream.

You can also enjoy hot drinks this winter, from Greek coffee to tea and espresso. Order can be made online if needed.

If you’re looking for restaurants specialising in Greek food in central London, explore our latest menu today.

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